When bringing in a high school assembly the first thing you want to make sure of is that the presenter will connect with your students and most importantly leave them with something that can shape their future. That’s exactly what Jared does. Jared started speaking primarily in high schools and finds that this age group is one of the most important to reach. Elementary students always come ready to rock, middle school students still have time to be molded but so many times people give up on high school students thinking that “they are who they are”. But Jared believes that students can change the trajectory of their lives by learning the power of focus. When you’re a high school student everything around you tries to steal your focus from relationships to peer pressure to depression and self harm to name a few. Students have so much on their plates these days that it’s nice to have a voice come in and encourage and inspire when it’s most needed.

  • Topic IResiliency

    One of the most crucial traits a young person can have is being resilient. Life can be awesome but there are plenty of times when life is just not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Obstacles you never thought possible all of a sudden create roadblocks to our future. But there’s hope. Jared teaches students about being resilient through songs like “The Fight”. A song written about a friend who battled cancer, lost his leg but went on to become a Paralympic downhill skier for team USA. There’s inspiration all around to keep pushing forward.

  • Topic IIDependency

    Getting through high school can be a scary thing at first but when we realize we have people to help us along the way it can make things much less stressful. Jared’s song “Beyond the Gray” talks about looking at the people that care about us as being similar to the white line on the side of the road. That white line is there to keep us on the right path when we face the fog, it also pulls us through that fog and most importantly it allows us to reach our final destination. We can’t forget the people we have in life that do the same for us when we face difficulty.

  • Topic III The Power Of Focus

    Jared’s song “Catch a Glimpse of Blue” started it all with high schools. The meaning behind the song is that there will always be clouds that try to block the blue sky... but that blue never leaves. The blue in our lives is the absolute ideal picture of who we are supposed to be and what our potential can carry us to. But too many times in students lives they get far too focused on the clouds and lose track of their true purpose in life. Jared teaches them that if they want to focus on the blue it takes discipline, making the right choices and a sense of direction.

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“As a speaker, Jared captivates his audience of students and faculty with his energy and witty charm. But, it is the gift of his music that transcends a school assembly into an experience that affects the hearts and minds of students, faculty and community members who listen to his songs and stories about resilience, empowerment and hope in the face of their personal challenges.”

Topher Montville - School Counselor, Whitehall High School

“Once on stage, Jared found his way into the hearts and minds of our students through powerful music and thoughtful lyrics. Many of our teachers left the performance stating that it was one of the best assemblies they’d ever seen.”

Bryan Noaker – Principal, Milton High School

Listen to a taste of the music Jared will bring to your high school.

The Fight
Beyond the Gray
Life I Haven't Lived Yet
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