Jared’s middle school performance speaks right to the heart of the changing atmosphere that the students bring at that age. Everything changes in middle school from the way students talk to the way they look or to the way they react to the world around them and that’s where Jared’s show really shines. Learning valuable lessons at this age can make or break a student to become a person of character. Middle school is the perfect time to take a student that is still capable of being formed into something and driving them toward a positive influence. Jared’s show will teach them the importance of being resilient in this changing time and learning to lean on one another as we make it through this world. The attention given to the aspects of bullying both inside and outside of school is brought about in a way you will see no where else. His music drives students to really think about their words and actions towards one another but he adds plenty of humor to make their time with him captivating! Give your students a gift they will never forget by allowing Jared to speak into their hearts and lives and make a lasting impression!

  • Topic IResiliency

    One of the most crucial traits a young person can have is being resilient. Life can be awesome but there are plenty of times when life is just not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Obstacles you never thought possible all of a sudden create roadblocks to our future. But there’s hope. Jared teaches students about being resilient through songs like “The Fight”. A song written about a friend who battled cancer, lost his leg but went on to become a Paralympic downhill skier for team USA. There’s inspiration all around to keep pushing forward.

  • Topic IIDependency

    Getting through middle school can be a scary thing at first but when we realize we have people to help us along the way it can make things much less stressful. Jared’s song “Beyond the Gray” talks about looking at the people that care about us as being similar to the white line on the side of the road. That white line is there to keep us on the right path when we face the fog, it also pulls us through that fog and most importantly it allows us to reach our final destination. We can’t forget the people we have in life that do the same for us when we face difficulty.

  • Topic IIIBully Prevention

    Bullying is no small matter when it comes to middle school. This term “bullying” gets thrown around so much these days that we almost become numb to it but Jared has found a way to reach into students lives and help them understand the importance of kindness and standing up for one another. We all learned not to bully when we were in kindergarten but some things are easily forgotten and some things need constant reminders. Jared’s approach to this subject will hit your students in a way they won’t see coming but will make the mark needed to effect change.

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“From the very first song, Jared's lyrics and melodies have a way of immediately connecting with students. He is able to connect with middle school students on a serious level as well as a humorous one. We have hosted Jared in our school two times already and the students always rate his assembly as one of our best! ”

Lisa Meade, Corinth Middle School Principal - Corinth, NY
2015 MS Principal of the Year for SAANYS/NASSP

“Jared is cool, hip, funny and incredibly talented. Middle school students’ attention is very easily captured by someone like this and as a result they were completely captivated by his songs and his stories.”

Jacqui Miller, Vestal Middle School Teacher – Vestal, NY

Listen to a taste of the music Jared will bring to your middle school.

The Fight
Beyond the Gray
January Snow
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